Make the most of your property

The highest return on investment for your property

Why would you be satisfied with anything than the best returns on the market? We are market leaders, and our apartments make three times more than similarly located and featured apartments in the market – based on the official statistics of Airbnb!

Compared to the long term rented apartments, our lead is even more significant, of course, and can be five times as much as the market average. We have a managed apartment that earned 350.000HUF a month rented long term, while it is making over two million on average now, rented out short term by us. What is the secret?

Apart from the quality apartments, it is the impeccable management that makes it possible to get consistently high ratings. Uniquely among the management companies, we have Superhost status for our whole portfolio. This means that all of our client’s apartments will have Superhost status from the very beginning and the higher search ranking and income that accompanies it.
It’s also essential that we have daily dynamic pricing – constantly adjusted by watching and reacting every change in the market. To get an exact picture, we work with a leading American short term market research company that follows the Budapest market too. Due to this dynamic pricing, we achieve the highest returns along with the highest occupancy.