Make the most of your property

    We make sure that your property keeps its value

    It is often a worry -and not without reason- that the apartment will be quickly deteriorating and lose value. But not with us! We do regular check-ups and inventories in every apartment and take care of any issue immediately with our maintenance team. We also have hotel quality cleaning after each reservation that also plays an integral part in the upkeeping of an apartment.

    We have very personal communication from the beginning with each guest. Their attitude is entirely different, and most of them look after the apartment and act as good neighbors. Thanks to this, we encounter very minimal guest did damage. We have more cases related to normal wear and tear. For these reasons, our apartment managers are continually checking and surveying the apartments. If we find any issue, they are dealt very quickly by our maintenance crew. Regular high-quality cleaning is also an essential part of keeping up the original value of an apartment. We have the best (and the best paid) cleaners in the industry who are meticulously clean the apartments after each guest.