Make the most of your property

We truly take care of everything related to the property renting

even take care of the most basic issues for you and either don’t bother at all or are waiting for a solution from you. We, on the other hand, will truly take care of everything; this includes all repairing and replacing issues and also undertake the resolution with the guests if needed.

We understand that when you are looking for a management company, the most crucial factor is that you want someone who genuinely takes care of everything related to the managing and hosting of the property. We take this very seriously. If our apartment survey crew finds any issue in the apartment, we document this and let the owner know. If the owner asks us to fix it, we will quickly do this, usually cheaper than the market price. This can be even automated if so desired (in fact, for smaller tasks, it is automated by default). If the guest of the apartment caused the issue, then we will start the resolution process as well to collect compensation.