Make the most of your property

We truly take care of everything related to property renting

Many owners have had poor experiences with real-estate managers where the company expects the owner to solve even the most basic problems or does not address them at all. In contrast, we handle everything for you.

We are aware that one of the most important aspects of property management is that the owner wants all the burden of renting to be taken off their shoulders, and we take this very seriously. If our inventory team detects any problems or damage, we will document it immediately and notify the owner. If the owner asks for our help in remediating the problem, we will fix it quickly, usually at a lower price than the market price. We can even automate this maintenance process based on the customer needs (minor maintenance tasks are automated by default). If any damage has been caused by a guest, we start the damage settlement process with the guest in parallel with coordinating the repair to ensure the property remains on the market.