Make the most of your property

    Get your property to the elite category from the beginning

    When we say our apartments have the highest ratings in every category, we can prove this. We list all our properties under one Superhost profile on Airbnb, and we are happy to show this profile to everyone.

    At U&B Management, we consistently achieve the highest ratings in all categories with all the apartments we manage. Thanks to this, we are the only management company that has a Superhost status for its complete profile, even with over 50 apartments under management. The requirement for this is that we are required to maintain an average rating of 4.8 for all of our apartments, so we can do nothing but operate them at the highest level.

    We have similar awards on other listing sites as well: HomeAway,, and Tripadvisor. While our main partner is Airbnb, we list the properties on other portals as well but always based on a well thought out strategy. The aim is not to be on the highest number of sites (that can be detrimental due to the search ranking being impacted) but to have a strategic mix of channels that maximizes the availability and income for a given apartment.