Make the most of your property

Don’t worry about trouble with the neighbors

Many of you worry that the tenants will not follow the house rules, and this breeds conflicts. This won’t happen at us!

We strive to be not only a good host for each of our guests throughout their stay and before, but we also make sure they feel themselves a part of a community and to be aware that they are staying not in a hotel but a tenant building with everyday neighbors. To achieve this, we don’t need strict rules or anything like this; we just maintain a personal relationship with every guest, and this generally enough to ensure they will act as good guests in the apartment. If there would be an issue, we still have adequate tools to detect and handle this. We can also be reached by the neighbors and by the common representative. Our CEO Mihaly Rege is part of the leadership of a Hungarian short term rental industry group and often represents the interest of this market toward the politicians and other stakeholders and also toward the press.